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April 5

Area 1-Day Of Fellowship

Area 1-Day Of Fellowship Area 1-Day Of Fellowship
  •  AREA 1 Day of Fellowship (Redruth)
  • ADRA Sposored Bike Ride
12  Ps K. Clothier  Ps. M Taylor  CLOSED  
  • Plymouth ADRA Auction
19  Ps C. Herman  M. Rasell  CLOSED -District Impact  
  •  Easter Weekend
26  Ps L. Edwards  Ps C. Herman  M. Hartnell    
May 3  G. Majczyk  M. Hartnell  Ps C. Herman
  • Area 1 Camp - Chapelporth
  •  Area 1 Camp
10  Ps K. Johns  Ps T. Messenger  M. Rasell
17  Ps R. Burgess    Ps K. Clothier  
24  Ps J. Venter  M. Cuthbert  Ps C. Herman  
  •  Carboot Sale Outreach
31  Ps C. Herman  Ps K. Clothier  M. Cuthbert  
  •  AMR Training
June 7  Ps. D. Stoikovic  G. Blackburn  CLOSED
  • AREA1 Youth DOF(Plymouth)
  • Royal Cornwall (5,6,7 June)
14  Ps M. Taylor

 Ps C. Herman - Communion

 Ps R. Willis
21  Ps. T. King  Ps. R Burgess  Ps C. Herman -Communion    
28 Ps C. Herman  L. Sitton  M. Hartnell
  • SEC Camp Meeting
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